Closet Organisers

A closet is that place where you are most likely to put so much stuff, all those things you don’t want seen in the rest of your house.
A closet can become overwhelming and in need of organising fast.

The closet can be an important part of your home. You can expand the use of your closet, and the usefulness of the space way up and below shelving with the use of organisers.
Here are a few of the common materials you will need to get started:
a tape measure (so you know how much space you have to work with, a paper (to draw out what you are going to do in your closet)
and a level (to mark where you want to put more shelves, drawers and goodies such as that).

Closet organisers come in all types of shapes and of materials.
You can find plastics, wires, wood and mixtures of these materials.
Choose shelving that is all ready cut or a package that is going to fit in the space that you have drawn out on your paper,
the prefab pieces will work just as well as board and materials that you have to cut and assemble yourself.

Your drawn out paper is going to help you when you come to  Arigato.
Remember if you want to paint your closet,
you should do this before installing any new shelving so you have an easier time of it. You can paint the walls and ceiling,
and then touch ups after will be a breeze, no problems at all. Creating that organised space in your closet is generally a one-time thing,
so you want to take your time, plan it out well, and make the most of the space you are going to use.

A few tips about organising your closet: one the tallest portions of your closet you can include many smaller shelves that you can store boxes,
sweaters, or items that are worn only a few times a year. On the top most portions of your closet you want to be able to see, store, and then get those items if needed,
so be sure you get a stool or steep stool for your closet to reach these top most portions of your closet.

In incorporating any closet system into your own closet, you need to be sure that if you have doors on your system,
that your closet is deep enough to allow doors before purchasing them. On the drawing, on your plan,
you should include information about how much space you have between the shelves and the wall, the door that closes on the closet to ensure you have enough
space before putting additional doors on your organiser.

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