It is definitely worth investing in custom-made furniture, not only because it can be perfectly matched to the appearance and size of a given room. 
Made-to-measure furniture works particularly well in the case of various recesses. Unused space can be used as additional storage space, it is also ideal for rooms with slants and sloped ceilings.

The possibility of making a piece of furniture to size and integrating it into unusual architecture can be a better and certainly more practical solution than self-assembly furniture. Thanks to this, we will gain a functional and aesthetic wardrobe and a lot of space! The possibility of implementing one’s own visions and ideas also speaks in favour of a tailor-made proposal :)

The most important thing, however, is that custom-made furniture is made exactly as our customers want it :)

The easiest way to arrange design visit with one of our designer is to fill out the form on our website. You can do it HERE.

You can also drop us a message on our facebook or instagram fanpage.



Yes, always. The price you will see on your quotation includes fitting and has no hidden or extra costs.

If you wish to order just “cut to measure” we are more than happy do it for you :)

The waiting time for custom-made furniture is usually several weeks. However, it depends on the number of individual building elements, as well as the availability of selected materials. At the customer’s special request, if possible, we also use shorter delivery times. 

Of course you can! Our offer includes not only wardrobes, but also chests of drawers, desks, bedside cabinets, media walls, TV cabinets, kitchen furniture and other custom-made furniture for each room. All you need to do is make an appointment with the designer and let the magic happen :)

Furniture assembly is carried out by our joiners with professional equipment. Our team always protect the place with special foils. We also try to make the assembly as minimally invasive as possible. Nevertheless, due to the specificity of the product, some elements must be cut at the place of assembly.

The duration of assembly depends on the size of your project and the complexity of the work to be performed. In the vast majority of cases, our team complete the assembly on the same day, and after the assembly, they will clean the place of work so you can enjoy your new furniture :)