There’s a common problem that most people don’t talk about, and it’s uneven floors, walls and ceilings. One of our customers came to us with this very problem. They were trying to use ready-made furniture in their room, but because of the unevenness of the room it looked odd and unfinished with lots of gaps and strange angles. Whatsmore there was a significant amount of wasted space, which they wanted for much needed storage.

Having seen our special offer of a free design service, they booked an appointment for our
designers to visit their home and look at what could be done. Our designers spent time with the family to understand their needs to make our solution perfect from both a functional point of view, and of course it had to be aesthetically beautiful.

During the session our designers noticed that the walls and ceiling were a little uneven (which is not that uncommon). This unevenness was incorporated into our design to ensure that their fitted furniture was perfect, with no wasted space or unsightly gaps. The family were able to view the finished design using our fantastic virtual visualisation. Even before a piece of wood was cut they knew exactly what they were getting, and how it would look and work for them.
The next step was for their furniture to be made right here in our Hull factory using materials of the highest quality. This is so that we can maintain the high standards that we set for ourselves. As a customer, we can understand how frustrating it is to be kept in the dark about the progress of your order no matter how big or small. So keeping customers in the loop is the number one priority for us. Our family was kept informed all the way through the process.

Finally the day of installation arrived. We recognise that your time is valuable, so we make a point of being on time, we arrive when we say we will. Our fitters worked efficiently and tidily, installing their bespoke fitted furniture providing the family the solution they needed to make their room both beautiful and functional.

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