Sloped Ceiling Ideas

Sloped ceiling storage ideas.

How to the best arrange the interior of a slanted wardrobe

In angled areas, a row of shelves can be used to store folded items. In this case, their depth can be any, adapted to the designated space.
A bar for hangers is also a good solution, depending on the depth of the furniture.

As long as its height from the floor is at least 100 cm and the objects hanging on it do not catch on the door, both shirts and dresses can be hung here when you can raise the bar a little higher. However, this type of solution requires a depth of about 55-60 cm inside the wardrobe.

In the low parts of the slant wardrobe, retractable drawers for small items and baskets for thick sweaters or seasonal clothes will also work. However, do not store everyday objects here, because getting them out requires performing gymnastic acrobatics.


sloping ceiling Fitted wardrobes
Sloped ceiling
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The attic under the sloping roof is full of slants, which significantly hinder the arrangement of the usable space. They make it difficult, but not impossible

 – we can create the attic wardrobes, especially for you and your needs.

Slanting walls make it necessary to create a unique fitted wardrobe with unusual shapes.
This type of fitted wardrobe will create for you additional storage space and will make your room spacious and cosy.

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Why choose bespoke


Attic Wardrobes isn’t something you can simply buy flat packed – it has to be bespoke to make sure it fits your room neatly and is fully built-in for stability.

This is why people choose us to design and install their Attic Fitted Wardrobes:

  • Make the best use of space.
    It is amazing how much storage you gain by using the entire slanting space.
  • A design just for you.
    This isn’t an option where standard furniture will work. We build furniture especially for you.
  • Any colour you like.
    Select the colour and finish of your furniture – we can colour match to your home interior.

There are many different types of interior solutions available for your.

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